"Stéphane & Franziska" -"Gabi & Bruno"- "Paul & Sébastien"

In these documentary films we accompany six family doctors, four men and two women in their daily round and obtain an insight into the hidden realm of their surgeries. In town, in the country and in a mountain valley, these trilogy takes us right into the heart of the consultations and give us a close experience of the sum of their complexity. In confidence with the film maker, herself a family doctor for twenty years, the exponents do not only speak about the joys of their profession, but also about their hopes and fears, pinpointing the crisis the profession of family doctor is encountering at present. And yet they affirm their faith in the essential role played by family medicin.

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A project in preparation "Documeducation": an IT educational tool based upon the trilogy "AT THE DOCTOR'S SIDE". Contact: info@ghornuti.ch


A 4th film